MUHI 3/442 Baroque Dance for Musicians
Spring 2014
Dr. Julie Andrijeski
Office: Haydn Hall Rm. 204
Cell phone: 412-401-4073

Teaching Assistant:
Elena Mullins
Cell phone: (312) 339-7092


Course Objective:  To give musicians a better understanding of the baroque music they play by acquainting them with baroque dance readings, steps, notation, and styles in a practical “feet-on” setting.

Course Materials:  Required readings, assignments, videos, choreographies, musical examples, and materials to be brought to class can be found on this site. Check for updates. In addition, a few books will be put on reserve in Kulas Library. This list will be posted on the above website as well.

Course Requirements:  Class participation, overall effort, and appropriate assignment preparation are all key to the success of this class. I don’t expect you to become accomplished dancers within this short period, but I do expect you to work responsibly.  Learning to read and execute the unique Feuillet-Beauchamps French dance notation is like learning a new language.  With this in mind, I will expect you to practice reading and executing these “foreign” movements outside of class.  Course assignments and quizzes will be given as needed throughout the semester; and there will be a final exam as well as a final project.  Amongst the course assignments are an on-going journal project and a small research report.  The final project, to be performed in class on May 1, will be the creation, notation, and (danced) performance of a baroque dance piece at least 32 bars long.  You and/or your fellow classmates will serve as your “dance band” for these projects.

Grading:  Since learning baroque dance is a cumulative process, attendance is essential; therefore, more than one (1) unexcused absence will lower your grade.  Grading will be as follows:  Class participation and preparedness: 30%; Quizzes and assignments: 30%; Final exam: 10%; Final project: 30%.

Dancewear:  Comfortable clothes, easy to move in.  The following dance shoes are required:  Men: black jazz shoes; Women: black or tan “Grecian sandals” or Sancha “Cabarets.” Men may order shoes from any site below, or go to the Capezio dance store on Mayfield Rd:  5658 1/2 Mayfield Rd, Lyndhurst, OH 44124;
Phone:(440) 442-8377
Hours: Monday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Dance Seminar Overview, Spring 2014 (.doc)


Sansha Cabarets:
Order this style two sizes bigger than your normal shoe size (i.e., if you normally wear size 8, order a size 10):
These Capezio shoes are in another style, and are also a good option (for these shoes order the same size or a half size bigger):
Another good dance discount online source is:
You may want to try getting on the phone with these companies as well, to find out how quickly they will be able to make the delivery.

Jazz shoes (generally order 2 sizes larger than your normal shoe size):